1. President, SHRI A.K. GOEL, Director General/Railway Stores, Railway Board
2. Sr. Vice President, SHRI H.R. MEENA, Addl. Member (RS), Railway Board
3. Ex-President, SHRI UMESH SINGH, General Manager, East Coast Railway
4. Vice President, _________________
5. Secretary General, SHRI R.L. BHARADWAJ, Chief Materials Manager, Northern Railway
6. Treasurer, SHRI RAJESH ABROL, Chief Manager (MMIS), Center for Railway Information Systems
7. Chairman/Delhi Chapter, SHRI PRADEEP KUMAR, Controller of Stores, Northern Railway
8. Secretary/Delhi Chapter
9. Chairman/Mumbai Chapter, SHRI P.C. SHARMA, Controller of Stores, Western Railway
10. Secretary/Mumbai Chapter
11. Chairman/Kolkata Chapter, SHRI RAJENDRA SINGH, Controller of Stores, South Eastern Railway
12. Secretary/Kolkata Chapter
13. Chairman/Chennai Chapter, SHRI K. KRISHNAMURTHY, Controller of Stores, Southern Railway
14. Secretary/Chennai Chapter
15. Chairman/Hubli Chapter, SHRI R.N. PRASAD, Controller of Stores, South Western Railway
16. Secretary/Hubli Chapter
17. Chairman/Varanasi Chapter, SHRI V.P. PATHAK, Controller of Stores, Diesel Locomotive Works
18. Secretary/Varanasi Chapter
19. Ex-officio Member, SHRI MAHESH CHANDRA, Executive Director (RS)/G, Railway Board
20. Ex-officio Member, SHRI N.K. DOHARE, Director (RS)/IC, Railway Board
21. Ex-officio Member, SHRI VIJAY BISHNOI, Sr. Professor (MM), National Academy of Indian Railways
22. Governing Council Member, SHRI MANORANJAN PRADHAN, ADRM/KGP, South Eastern Railway
23. Governing Council Member, SHRI SUDHIR KUMAR SHARMA, Director (RS)/M, Railway Board
24. Governing Council Member, SHRI Y. PADMANABHA REDDY, Dy. Chief Materials Manager/DSL, South Railway
25. Governing Council Member, SHRI RAJESH KUMAR VERMA, Dy. Chief Materials Manager/EP, Northern Railway
26. Governing Council Member, SHRI P.S. SATHI, Dy. Chief Materials Manager, Northeast Frontier Railway
27. Governing Council Member, SHRI SUSHIL KUMAR JHA, Dy. Chief Materials Manager/S, Western Railway 
1. SHRI S.P. PIPLANI, Director General/IRILMM & Ex-Addl. Member (RS), Railway Board
2. SHRI BHASKAR NARANG, Adviser/RS (P), Railway Board
3. SHRI A.K. VERMA, Executive Director (RS)/S, Railway Board
4. SHRI CV. RAMAN, Executive Director (RS)/C, Railway Board
5. SHRI V.K. SRIVASTAVA, Controller of Stores, COFMOW
6. SHRI ARVIND KUMAR SRIVASTAVA, Executive Director (Vig.)/Stores, Railway Board
7. SHRI RAJIV KAD, Director (RS)/W, Railway Board
8. SHRI ASHISH JAIN, Director (RS)/F, Railway Board
9. SHRI RAJEEV SAXENA, Director (RE)/S, Railway Board
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