FOCUS AREAS

The Institute recognises that ‘Public Procurement’ has to play an important role in the development of a country. The quantum of public procurement is very large; in developing countries it is usually larger than the total quantum of private procurement and its impact on development of trade and industry in the country is significant. Governments of developed, as well as developing countries recognise this fact and make use of the public procurement system for achieving various economic and social goals.

The role of procurement in private sector is mainly cost effective procurement, and the accountability is to the management, and in a much defused manner to the shareholders.

Whereas the procedures and rules of public procurement have to conform in addition to the above, to the constitutional provisions and also have to be in tune with the overall economic policies of the government. This makes it different from private sector procurement. However the objectives and mechanics of public procurement are not generally understood; this field has not received the importance it deserves. There is, relatively speaking, a void in the field.

The Institute shall endeavour to reduce the void that separates the two streams and develop a common and unified approach to all procurement processes.

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