The Institute has been set up with the following aims and Objectives:

  • -     Promotion of art and science of Supply Chain Management by means of training, examination, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, publications, and otherwise in above areas and diffusion of useful knowledge in related areas;
  • -     Promotion and advancement in the area by discussion, enquiry, research, experiment and other means;
  • -     To formulate, lay down and publish standards, norms and codes of practice, specifications and monographs;
  • -     To set up and administer a hallmarking systems for certification of systems and organizations in above areas;
  • -     To participate in National & International fora for above objectives;
  • -     To promote and encourage use of computers and e-commerce in above mentioned areas by means of training research and development; and
  • -     To provide consultancy in the above mentioned fields for organisation desirous of using the facilities and expertise of the Institute.
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