• -     The Indian Railways Institute of Logistics & Materials Management (IRILMM) is a professional body dedicated to the profession and practice of Supply Chain Management in its most liberal and widest interpretation with special emphasis on Public Procurement.
  • -     The Institute has been founded by practicing and retired materials managers, who come from the cadre of Indian Railways and who bring with them a very wide spectrum of knowledge and experience.
  • -    The Institute was registered with the Government of Delhi on 8th August 1997 under the Societies Act. The membership of the Institute as on MAY 2016 is 802 excluding Student Members (533 Life Members & 269 Annual Members).
  • -     The Institute recognizes the fact that the Government and Public Sector continues to remain the biggest buyer in the country and the practices, which it had adopted in the field of Logistic and Materials Management, cannot be identical to those being followed by the Private Sector. The procedures in the Government have been formulated in the public interest while those in the Private Sector are solely in the commercial interest of the Organization. However, these two streams of procedures and practices need not be conflicting and contradictory and in the ideal situation they should complement each other. No efforts have however been made in the country to reconcile these two streams and integrate them in one unified management approach. The Institute will endeavor to fill up this gap and will aim to bring these two major streams of practices in the discipline on a common platform.
  • -    The Institute has chosen the field of training to achieve these objectives. It has been holding seminars/training programmes; publish monographs besides holding regular training classes on various topics of the discipline. It has been also conducting Diploma Course to meet its stated objectives.
  • -     The Institute has its headquarters in New Delhi. There are six regional chapters in the country located at Delhi, Mumbai, Hubli, Varanasi, Chennai and Kolkata Chapter. Governing Council of the Institute, which is elected annually is responsible for running the Institute, the regional chapters are managed by regional chapter’s office bearers.
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