Professional Bodies and Research Centres

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Professional Bodies

A professional association for SCM professionals (formerly known as the Council of Logistics Management - CLM). Site offers information on membership, conferences and other educational opportunities, case studies, and a career center.
Some parts of site for members only.
Not all resources on the site are free.

Association for supply management professionals; formerly called the National Association of Purchasing Management. Offers info on membership, conferences and other educational opportunities, certification programs, social responsibility principles, and publications. Of note are results from ISM surveys such as the Report of Business and the PMI index. Some information such as the ISM Resource Guides, career career database, and sample bid-specification documents are free only to ISM members.

Although much of the information on the Supply Chain Council site is available only to members, some useful information is available to all such as an overview booklet for the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR). SCOR "is a process reference model that has been developed and endorsed by the Supply-Chain Council as the cross-industry standard diagnostic tool for supply-chain management."

WERC is a professional association for distribution professionals.

Research Centres

The Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies focuses on "strategic responsibilities for the supply/sourcing/procurement effort." Many documents available: benchmarking reports, best practices, critical issues reports, e-commerce papers & focus studies (indepth research reports). Topics include supply chains in specific industries, outsourcing, Japanese Keiretsu, e-procurement, reverse auctions, performance measurement, international comparisons, ethics, etc.
Free registration required.

The Center for Leadership of the Digital Enterprise (CLODE) at MSU's Broad School of Management focuses on digitized supply chains and IT management among other topics. Site has only limited description of the center; no research reports.

The Center researches many supply chain topics and facilitates benchmarking consortiums "that study Import, Customer Service, Sales and Operations Planning, and Transportation processes related to the field of logistics and supply chain management." Site has a list of working papers that can be purchased.
Full text working papers must be ordered. Cost is not high.

"The center’s research focuses primarily on Value Chain Planning and Development activities, which connects corporate strategy with Value Chain Execution systems." Short white papers are available at the site.

Stanford's Global Supply Chain Management Forum "advances the theory and practice of excellence in global supply chain management." The site includes podcasts and papers from the annual Responsible Supply Chains Conferences. Most other research on the site is available only to members.
Much of the content is available only to members.

Includes "strategic think tanks:" (1) Supply Chain Strategy & Management Forum and (2) Sales Forecasting Management Forum. The most useful part of the site is the library of Prof. Tom Mentzer's materials(articles, white papers, and presentation slides on supply chain topics). Another library on the site offers writings by Mentzer & other faculty.

The Center supports research on topics such as: "Digital Productivity," "IT Services and Supply Chain Management," "Communications Futures," "Digital Marketing Strategy," and "Interdependence of Security and the Extended Enterprise ("I-SEE")." More than 200 research briefs and working papers are available on the site.

The Center offers education, research and outreach programs related to logistics and supply chain management, including logistics modeling, demand management, humanitarian logistics, international logistics, supply chain security, and management of transportation systems. The research section of the site is especially useful as it often includes links to full articles and reports.

The forum is an industry/academic conference presented by Wharton's Fishman-Davidson Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Participants include industry executives, government officials, and academic researchers. The site offers presentation slides and research reports from past forums. Forums have covered service supply chain topics related to the aerospace and defense industry, service outsourcing, performance incentives, technology developments, and "service centric" strategies.

The institute site links to a number of research centers on various supply chain topics. Materials at the site vary from center to center, but can include white papers, presentations, and course materials.

Conducts "business research in the area of Supply Chain Management." Articles and presentations are available at the site.
Note: You may not be able to access some articles due to web site technical problems.

The purpose of the center "is to provide applied transportation and logistics research, education and advisory services that advance the economy of the region." The region includes Michigan's upper penninsula as well as well as northern Wisconsin and the Duluth, Minn. area. Site offers full text of lengthy reports produced for grant projects related to regional rail transport and the Twin Ports Intermodal Freight Terminal.

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