A Roadmap for Elimination of Corruption

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A Roadmap for Elimination of Corruption

1) Codes of Conduct/Ethics for Public Servants including elected representatives.

2) Transparency systems

i. Simplification of administrative procedures

ii. Deletion of redundant over-regulation laws, permits, procedures

iii. Elimination of secrecy, Right To Information Act

iv. Reforms in Political system to make monetary contributions transparent

v. Reforms in Monetary system to eliminate black economy/ large cash transactions.

vi. Published and Transparent Decision Making Systems

vii. Clear demarcation of Public & Private domains for Public Servants.

viii. Financial or interest disclosure/asset declaration

3) Training Systems

4) Communication Strategies

5) Counseling

6) Whistleblower hotlines & Help lines. Protection of witnesses and whistleblowers.

7) Quick Legal/ Administrative framework for redressal against arbitrary exercise of powers by public servants.

8) Corporate Ethical commitment against corruption.

9) Control/Enforcement

i. Criminal code

ii. Conflict of interest code

iii. Post-employment code

iv. Ombudsmen

v. Audit and Monitoring Agencies

vi. NGOs

vii. Media

10) Independent Integrated Watchdog Agency

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