Area of Expertise

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Indian Railway Institute of Logistics & Materials Management

Area of Expertise for Training and Consultancies

Procurement, Public Procurement, Bidding & Tendering

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Effectively in Global Context

Procurement of IT Systems

Procurement of Capital Goods

Government Purchases

Public Procurement

Contract Management – Local & International

Sustainable, Green Public procurement

Tender Committee proceedings and operation of Rate Contracts

Tender Preparation, Bidding, Evaluation and Award of Contracts

Business Development for Public Contracting

Strategies for Developing Business with Govt. Organisations

International & Multilateral Agencies Procurement Systems

Bidding for Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines in the World Bank-aided Projects

Winning World Bank Bids (Supply of Goods)

Foreign Trade Policy-Tariff Structure & L/C Operations

Management of International Purchase Contracts

Procurement of Goods and Services following World Bank Guidelines

Cost Savings in SCM

Total Cost Management & Activity based Costing

Controlling Costs in Recessionary Markets – Role of Managers

Cost Reduction in SCM

Ethics & Vigilance

Audit & Vigilance in Public Procurement

Transparency and Vigilance in Public Procurement

Creating Synergy between Strong Vigilance/ Audit and the Fearless Honest Employee in Public Procurement

Prioritizing Areas in Public Contracting for Vigilance Monitoring

Quantity Forecasting & Inventory Management

Legal Aspects & Arbitration

Arbitration & ADR methods

Handling Breaches and Disputes in Contracting

Competition Act

SCM in General

Enhanced customer satisfaction through cost effective – SCM

Stores Operations

Performance Evaluation of SCM

Divisionalisation of Stores

Budgeting and Exchequer Control in Materials management

Peculiarities of SCM in Transport Fleet operators

SCM for Government &   PSUs

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Technology Interface

Internal Customers‘Perspective – Service Level Improvement in SCM

How a CEO can keep a Tab on his SCM

Management & Leadership

Lean management

Leadership in Multi-Department Teams

Personal Efficiency, Job:Family Balance and Time Management

MMIS, IT & E-Commerce

E-procurement - problems & challenges - An Indian Perspective

Designing, Implementing and Maintaining Materials Management Information Systems

Indian Railways’ Materials Management Information System

Railways in General

Risk Management, Preservation etc

Risk Management – Insurance Cover & Claims retrieval

Managing Risks in Supply Chain Management

Vendor Relations

Vendor Development

Warehousing & Inventory management

Inventory Management in PSUs

Inventory Control, preservation, Material handling, storage Systems and Warehouse Management

Logistics & Transports

Logistics Management

Taxes & Duties

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Statutory Taxation

Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM)

QA through 6-Sigma

PPP, Consultancy & Services

Procuring Consultancy Services

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Works Contract

Scrap Disposal

Scrap Disposal, Fixation of Reserve Price and Measures to prevent Leakages, Sales Suspense and Purchase Suspense Clearance

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